CHARGERS STREET GANG, THE: Holy the Bob Apocalypse: CD

Gawddamn almighty hell yeh, this is a roarin’ gargantuan skullfucker of a disc! It’s an abrasive eardrum-bursting overload of thunderous garage-rock fury rampageously enshrouded in an abundant array of feedback, distortion, aggression, attitude, and all-out turbulent ballsiness. Such maniacally mayhemic musicianship! Such rage-ridden, attitude-driven vocals! Such full-force in-your-face aural brashness! Such fun, such fun, such fun! Mine ears have heard the glory of the coming of Satan, and it sounds uncannily like The Sonics, MC5, Mudhoney, New Bomb Turks, and Rocket From The Crypt openin’ a big ol’ wallopin’ can of whup-ass on Godzilla, King Kong, and Ghidora all at once – so there ya have the crazed unrelenting cacophony of The Chargers Street Gang! If your ears are enfeebled and weak, get your decrepit sorry ass outta the way. There’s a new Gang in town, and they don’t take too kindly to aurally unreceptive lowlifes like you. Waaaaahooo, rock’n’roll, motherfuckers!!! -Roger Moser, Jr.

 –guest (Get Hip)