CHAOS UK: Self-titled: LP

Jan 19, 2012

Nice reissue of Chaos UK’s first album, originally released on RiotCity in 1983. You get colored vinyl, an informative insert that includes a brief history courtesy of Wikipedia, a discography, a reprint from Blown to Bits zine from 1983, and some flyer art. I haven’t followed these guys too close over the years, but this album and their split with Extreme Noise Terror are worthy additions to your collection. The music is fast and noisy no-frills hardcore punk that has inspired more than a few bands, past and present, held in high regard from around the world. Favorite song on here is “The End Is Nigh,” that mixes some goth in their style with the brooding bass line and slow tempo, similar to Part 1 and Rudimentary Peni. Songs like “Farmyard” are still corny and too long, but the rest holds up. Can’t believe it’s nearly thirty years since this originally came out.

 –M.Avrg (Papagajuv Hlasatel,