CHANNEL 3: Self-titled: CD

May 27, 2009

Holy sheep shit, it's a new Channel 3 disc and, wonder of wonders, it doesn't suck in the slightest! Excuse me if I sound a little shocked, but, taking into account the "reformed punk band/suckass tunes" ratio that has pretty much been the rule rather than the exception, this disc has no business being as good as it is. What you get for your buck here is an album that quite nearly erases any embarrassing mistakes these guys may have made in the "big hair and Aquanet-induced brain damage" days of the '80s. I say almost because the "hidden track" here sounds like a Poison outtake, and I hope it was a joke on their part. Aside from this little faux pas, every track on this bad boy is a veritable instant "hit," a classic if you will, of epic proportions. Sound-wise, this sounds like the long-lost album that was never recorded after After the Lights Go Out, the road not taken all those years ago that they've decided they'd like to saunter down after all. I've gotta admit, I was a little apprehensive about these guys showing their mugs again after hearing they were peddling that "reforming to show the young 'uns how real punk is done" horseshit like Exene and a couple of other has-been glory hogs, but these thirteen tracks of auditory bliss force me to keep my tongue at bay because, unlike X and their even-more-dismal-with-each-release track record, these guys have got the tunes to back their boasts. So recommended it ain't funny.


 –jimmy (Dr. Strange)