CHANNEL 3: Self-titled: LP

Jul 10, 2009

If you read what Jimmy Alvarado wrote about this release in the previous issue, you know this is the shit!  I was lucky enough to pick up a couple of copies of the test press that Dr. Strange made available to the public. I have been a fan since the early '80s. Their first 12" was one of the first punk records that I personally purchased. I loved this band!  I would go see them at any opportunity. I even liked their progressive period like the Airborne 12" and the track "Indian Summer" that was on the BYO comp Something to Believe In.  If Bill from Dr. Strange said that they were going back to their roots, I believed it. I put the needle down on my turntable and a comfortable familiarity burst through my speakers. I felt like I was taken back in time. The notes massaging my ears was like hearing music that was in the Fear of Life LP mixed with After the Lights Go Out LP that CH3 made their mark. They cut back on the over production of the later releases. The music is raw but still reflects their amazing melodic sensibilities. The power is there and gives me justification for their reunion. The songcraft they had, they did not lose. I can't believe that after such a long hiatus they can still come back with an absolutely beautiful release. This will probably stay in my car CD changer for over a year. That is how good this is. I hope people now will embrace the sheer magic that CH3 can bring and not ignore that they are an important part of punk history. I am a true believer that this a fantastic release. I hope you become one too!


 –don (Dr. Strange)