Channel 3: One More for All My True Friends: DVD

Apr 28, 2010

The increase in access to better quality and more affordable video equipment in the new millennium seems to have spawned quite a bit of documentary makin’ in the punk scene, and many are turning lenses towards telling bands’ stories in ways that used be almost solely the domain of fanzines. No bad thing, this, ’cause unlike the fanzine, with video you can get some tuneage to complement the in-depth interview with your favorite band. In the case of the DVD in question, you get a feature-length film recounting the history of Southern California punk legends Channel 3, starting with Mike and Kimm meeting in the third grade to their introduction to punk and then everything that happened after that. You’ll also get some insight and stories from other scenesters and band members about punk, good shows, surviving riots and more along the way. The sound is excellent, the visuals are great, the editing is tight, the live footage from Alex’s Bar is faboo, and the band’s story is interesting, which is pretty much all you need to make a fine film. If watching an hour and a half of the band waxing poetic ain’t enough, they’ve also included the entire set recorded at Alex’s and a short bit of choice footage from a Target Video shoot back in the early ‘80s, and even an audio CD of the Alex’s set. In all, this is a nice way to give a deserving band a huge helping of due propers. –Jimmy Alvarado (