CHANNEL 3: Land of the Free: 7”

Jan 11, 2013

Decades down the line and CH3 are still kicking out a couple o’ new singalongs for yet another generation of kids who appreciate a band with more on their mind than getting fucked (up). This time ‘round, they address the narrow-mindedness of some in the “Land of the Free” and, on “Make It Home,” surviving domestic violence. Both handily make their point without being preachy and do it with a sound that has matured without sacrificing power and their signature style. Also comes with a download card that tacks on five more tracks to the deal, including another duet with Maria Montoya, who the older fans will remember from her last stint with the band on “You Make Me Feel Cheap.” As with most Hostage releases, there are a limited number of these bad boys out there, so start scramblin’.

 –jimmy (Hostage)

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