CHALLENGER: Give the People What They Want in Lethal Doses: CD

Mar 15, 2008

Dave Laney and Al Burian of Milemarker drop the didactic delivery of said band and go straight for the punk rock jugular. Give the People… is filled with sonic relics from the past: one can hear the strains of Killing Joke, Shellac, Archers Of Loaf, Pegboy, Seaweed, and Bluetip buried in this Monorchid-meets-Jawbreaker outfit of anthemic, emotional post punk. It might come as a surprise to Milemarker fans but to those who were familiar with Laney and Burian’s pre-Milemarker bands, Griver and Hellbender respectively, it’s the record you’ve been waiting for them to make. And by god, it’s a keeper. 

 –greg (Jade Tree)

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