CHALET CHALET: Self-titled: CD

Oct 16, 2008

The vocalist of this band is turning me on. I bet he’s a good kisser. And the recording is so raw and exciting. Almost a little Sonic Youth back in day, at times (esp. with noisy guitar). It’s fun and exciting and makes you want to jump up and down – not in a “oi pogoing” kind of way – but in a grabbing all your friends and screaming and hooting a lot like it’s the Beatles’ first US concert. I’m usually not to into the newer melodic punk rock and roll shit, but the rawness of the sound, the hot vocals, and quickness of everything (this four-song EP is totally like a whirlwind) that is going on around me gets me excited for the future of this band. If you like loud, quirky, energetic post-punk with a more unique-non Dischordian feel, then go buy this record. I hate most modern music, and this is one of those few bands that gives me hopes for the future of rock’n’roll/punk. Chalet Chalet is like the sped-up evil brothers of all those boring bands like the Strokes, The Vines, and all those other wasteful MTV 2 crap-fests of bands. They don’t give a fuck. Hot Hot Heat should stop trying to sound like Dexy’s Midnight Runners and try to sound like Chalet Chalet.

 –Sarah Shay (Walk In Cold)