CHAINSAW: We Are Not Very Nice: CD

Oct 18, 2006

Yeah, well, you’re not very good either, so i guess it’s a horse apiece. One school of thought in the gnarled tapestry of ‘70s punk was that if one were to take the Hard Rock of the day, forcibly remove all its virtuosity, pomposity and pretty-boy-osity and replace said distastefully effete quanta with vileness, aggression, and “attitude,” the result would be, like, punk rock, and we would be good to go, forever and ever, Amen. It’s not really my place to pass judgment either way on what people in bands in the ‘70s thought was “punk” or not, but i will state that the notion of Punk Rock as Hard Rock’s sleazy underground cousin has never been one i’ve been overly keen to embrace. There are some decent moments here (most notably the deliciously crude “Polaride Pictures” and the faux-live material [including a serviceable run-through of “No Fun” and, best of all, canned applause!]), but, all in all, this band sounds a little too much like an outfit who would’ve shared the bill with the Sleaze Sisters in that Times Square movie for my Stripes, Chucks ‘n’ Spikes tastes. I wonder if they ever played any shows with that band called Blitzkrieg Bop? BEST SONG: “Polaride Pictures” BEST SONG TITLE: “Polaride Pictures” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Baker’s Dozen” is not track thirteen.

 –norb (Dionysus)