CHAINSAW TO THE FACE: Self-titled: 7"

Dec 28, 2010

Nineteen songs on a 7”? What da? Easy listening is definitely not going to happen here. A blur of start and stops that makes it hard to figure out the song separations if you don’t pay attention. Ugliness played at slow speeds and then pushed to their max abilities in speed. Music that is played so aggressively that I imagine the guitar and bass player’s fingers have calluses that are super thick but still bleed from playing a set. Their drummer, caffeinated to the point of heart failure, unleashes beats at a breakneck pace. I imagine a vocalist who can no longer speak due to the harsh torment his vocal chords receive from the all the guttural yelling. If you want happy, get Abba’s Greatest Hits. Looking for something downright ugly and brutal? This is a good place as any.

 –don (Cowabunga)