CHAIN LETTERS, THE: “Bad Reflection” b/w “Boulevard Girls”: 7”

May 30, 2014

A-side is thick, straightforward and enjoyable she-throated punk/pop/garage/rock/roll, slightly Nikki & the Corvettes-ish, slightly Ramones-ish, perchance you know the drill. B-side seems like more of the same but knocks it out of the park with some kooky timing things during the chorus, where you think you wanna sing the damn song to yourself all day long but realize YOU CAN’T QUITE GET THE WEIRD TIMING THING RIGHT and only the Chain Letters can save you. Anyone who doesn’t respond to this Chain Letter is a dope! BEST SONG: “Boulevard Girls.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Boulevard Girls.” What the fuck is this, Exploding Hearts appreciation day? FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I think the label art was printed with an inkjet printer. What, the dot matrix printer was in the wash? 

 –norb (Pogo Time,