CF98: Enjoy: CD

Sep 05, 2006

I had the joy of meeting this band in Krakow, Poland, just three days before I moved back to Wisconsin. I sat in on one of their practices and then we all went beer drinking in a park downtown. Great bunch of guys, and girl. I was impressed, and a little surprised, to find such a polished sounding punk band in Poland, where hardcore and “newmetal” are most prevalent. Until meeting CF98, I never knew there was such as thing as “Kalifornia punk.” I guess that means bands like Pennywise, NOFX, and the like. Not totally my cup of tea, but I found myself listening to this CD endlessly. I heard some of their music before meeting them and was impressed with Karolina’s perfect English vocals. Once I met her, I noticed her thick Polish accent that somehow does not come through in this recording. Bizarre. Great songs about Polish cockrings (called a ‘buffalo's eye”, I learned), girlfriends getting older, and short-lived friends. I’m just thankful their drummer’s father works in Krakow's city hall, which somehow kept the city cops from taking me in for drinking beer in the park. Dla Karolina, Blinek, Stabi, & Alek, dziekuje bardzo. Harnas butelki sa najpiszny!  –paul (Pasazer:

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