CELEBRITY MURDERS: The Island of Man-Eating Rats: one-sided, four-song 7” EP

Jul 02, 2006

Discomforting New York-based hardcore that takes its cues of loathing, pessimism, hatred (except of Mussolini, who’s thanked), from early Agnostic Front (barely tuneful, all energy’s in the attack, not putting on makeup) and early Sick Of It All (the shaved-down metal guitar, especially). It’s less tough guy and more miscreant/ bad attitude/ infected boil/ stuck-behind-a-bad-driver-their-entire-lives, about-to-kill-the-next-fucker-who-doesn’t-use-their-turn-signal vibe. Effective. Artie from the Shemps is singing, but it sounds nothing like the Shemps.

 –todd (Chainsaw Safety)