CCR HEAD CLEANER: Self-titled: 7”

May 08, 2013

Out of San Francisco, this five piece offers up four noisy tracks, two of which are new. Side A houses their previously released stuff off their self titled debut in ‘11. “53rd&420” rattles and clangs like it’s been kicked down a flight of stairs, while “Life of the Party,” rich in whiney feedback, clocks in under a brief minute. The flipside is a whole other ball game. At first I thought the record was playing at the wrong speed. “Cocoon” emerges softer, with a tangible rhythm that takes off midway with whirling Catherine Wheel guitar effects and warbly reverb. The last track, “Sanctuary City,” starts where the previous one left off and disperses nebulously as fast as it formed.  â€“Kristen K (Cesar Cuts,