CC RIDERS: Self-titled: LP

May 08, 2013

Recorded in 2001 and previously only available on CD-R, an LP version is finally seeing the light of day. Featuring some of Memphis’s and, well, the world’s, garage rock’n’roll royalty (Jeffrey Evans, Jay Reatard, Alicja Trout, James Arthur.) Three guitars/no bass is the plan of attack; however, fans of Reatard and Arthur won’t find any of their typical skronk highlighted. Not unlike Evans’ most noted combo, ‘68 Comeback. A mix of covers and originals, with the covers sounding enough like Jeffrey Evans songs to fool the uninitiated. To wit: it wasn’t until like the third or fourth listen that I realized “I Gotta Right” is the Stooges song. I never did get to see ‘68 Comeback and hope to see a proper rockin’ Jeff Evans show some day. Technically, I’ve seen him twice. Once, solo outdoors where his amp distortion didn’t take well to the elements, and one time doing some Memphis heel shtick with Ross Johnson, starting a song, then cutting it off and just taunting the crowd.

 –Sal Lucci (Spacecase,