CAVES: Leaving: 12”

Mar 18, 2015

It’s not easy to stand out among the current crop of melodic punk rock bands. I’m referring specifically to the rawer, rougher, oft-mislabeled-as-simply-pop-punk bands that’d be right at home at, say, Fest or in the pages of, say, Razorcake. And yet, Caves manages to tower head and shoulders above most of its peers in terms of songwriting quality and, most importantly, sincerity of delivery. Lou’s voice especially, has a desperate, passionate je-ne-sais-quoi that just reaches into my chest and tears my unsuspecting heart out. Pleading, hopeful lyrics, powerful voices, and a backdrop of fresh yet unmistakably post-Lookout/Rugger Bugger/etc. punk rock (complete with plenty of whoas that skillfully avoids cliché). Caves is simply one of the best in the genre right now. 

 –Dave William (Specialist Subject)