Another band in the new generation of SoCal DIY crust bands that I have taken notice of. I have seen them live once thus far and was moved by their power. They play an incredible brand of crust that is solid and well written. On the demo, you can hear almost the full potential of the band in what sounds like a live recording. For a live recording, the music is mixed pretty well without it sounding too muddy, but I would love to hear what comes out when these guys actually record in a good studio. From what is here on the demo and to have better production would be mind blowing. The songs have a lot of emotion and could be easily described as what a band like Hellshock is doing currently. You can here their influences of Scandinavian, Japanese, and Portland punk in their music. I believe I’m seeing them again in January. I can’t wait for that or for their next recorded material.

 –don (Self-released)