CAVE WEDDINGS, THE: Bring Your Love b/w Let’s Drive: 7”

Sep 23, 2009

I didn’t expect much out of this release. HoZac releases a lot of garagey stuff and that isn’t necessarily my bag. (I mean, sure, I own the Nuggets box sets and all, but I don’t really need to hear a million current bands regurgitating those sets back to me.) But man, this is a pretty good little 7”. The two songs don’t vary that much from each other; they just rock out and keep your toes tapping. I had them stuck in my head all day after listening to this. They’re not like a lot of catchy songs either, where they wear on you after repeated listens. Each spin brought a new facet to the songs. Very much worth checking out.

 –Ryan Horky (HoZac,