CAUSTIC CHRIST: Government Job: 7"

Jul 09, 2007

What I wasn’t expecting was such clear enunciation by the lead singer, Generic Christ. You can actually understand everything he says. Elocution’s a pretty much forgotten element in hardcore and thrash. (Which is weird because most of these bands tend to have “a message.”) These Pittsburghians got reassembled from the pieces of Aus Rotten and the Pist, if I’m not mistaken. Imagine super early Corrosion of Conformity (highly political, pretty well informed and well-intentioned, if a little blunt) mixed in with lots-of-studs-in-jacket Swedish thrash along the lines of Skitsystem (especially the galloping drums and bass kegcharge) and mix in that take-it-as-fast-as-you-can-but-don’t-lose-the-melody talent of Vitamin X, and you’re on the right path. While I’m not completely agog, they’re definitely tight, teeth baring, and leave a nice bruise mark. One question: is that an otter being hung on the ceiling fan on the cover? Looks like it.

 –todd (Havoc)