CAUSEY WAY, THE: Causey Vs. Everything: CD

Jan 19, 2010

A lot more sultry than previous releases, it seems that Causey is personalizing his message to each and everyone of us. The more blatant new wave trappings have been updated to something I can't exactly place, but enjoy immensely ("Newest Wave," perhaps). All I know is that their sound is slithery, bouncy, and saturated with space‑reverb guitar that borders on a rapture of sorts. This time out, Causey's high‑pitched voice is augmented by the smoky female esophagus of The Truth Causey (I believe. Scant details are on the CD packaging itself) that develops yet another dimension to Causey's already considerable musical arsenal. There are also quite a few slower and mid tempo songs on "Vs. Everything," that bip, bop and bounce around in really intriguing ways, avoiding the continual trap of boring the audience with mere repetitious masturbation. My sole quibble is that there are no sermon transcriptions to the songs accompanying the release; instead there's a picture of a shirtless Causey frolicking in a field of yellow flowers that's so funny I want to get the LP version so it's bigger. All in all, a fantastic release that'll be sure to swell the minions converting to The Causey Way.

 –todd (Alternative Tentacles)