CATS HATE COPS : $? 5½” x 7½” photocopied, 64 pgs.

Jun 13, 2014

“Rapist Halted by Cat Attack.” Now that I have your attention, I will help you with any leftover confusion. Cats Hate Cops is a charming mixture of dense and repetitive reading material with goofy satire. Brought to you by the New York Year Zero, aka AFFECT group, who typically publishes anarchist essays, released this clever compilation of adorable assault stories. You might be asking yourself how AFFECT made light of such a touchy subject; well the answer is “cats”. This zine is a compilation of news reports about cats that attack cops, from 1805-2012. One thing I like about its layout is that it isn’t made of collaged clippings that are tiled into clusters, but rather they are full-page photocopies straight from the sourced newspaper. We get to look back at a century-long timeline, of dueling headlines that were actually used to attract readers. For instance, the headline, “Treed Cat Bites Helping Hand That Frees It,” appeared in the New York Herald Tribune circa 1934 and was given a bigger title than its neighboring story “Veteran Fatally Stabbed Defending Brother, 16.” That is as fascinating as it is depressing, but the main point of this zine isn’t really a sociological study. It is very simply collected news reports with one very specific theme. This is not a zine to read straight through. Sixty-plus pages of cats being assholes can get tedious, it is however delightful and will keep you company if you often have five to ten minutes of spare time. If you are like me and you feel like most cats are being assholes for no reason, then this zine will justify those sentiments. Though, once in a while, we find proof of a cat that’ll fight off a rapist to save you so—I guess—cats can be cool sometimes. I still enjoy finding this in my purse when I find myself in need of a quick read. Should you ever come across Cats Hate Cops, I recommend adding it to your library. –Simon Sotelo (