CATHOLIC SPIT: I’m Your God Now: 7” single

Nov 13, 2013

So damn good! Imagine Christian Death, and Dance with Me-era TSOL with Honey Bane on vocals. You get the sort of breathy, high-pitched, squeaky vocals with that liquidy, spooky guitar sound that you know and love. The long intro to the title track is perfect. I would like to hear them do some instrumentals, to be honest. I can only imagine it would be as good as this song. “Die Alone” reminds me a lot of TSOL, with the flanged-out guitar and driving drum beat, not to mention the way cool and confident way the vocals are delivered. You can hear the synth right behind the vocals and guitar. It’s a nice touch, as it gives this song a more haunting sound. I know they just released an LP recently, and I need to quit slouching and get it. If you like death rock or goth, I’m pretty sure you will want this. Or if you just like good music in general, then you may want to pick this up.

 –M.Avrg (Bad Touch, [email protected])