I’m confused about what this record actually is. It came with no info, but I’ve been told it was a repress. I’ve heard both of these bands, but was not aware of the existence of this split until it showed up on my front porch, so I don’t know if these are old recordings or new ones. I don’t remember Catheter sounding so much like a death metal band. The feel of the music is grind and there’s still a lot that reminds me of Neanderthal, but there are a lot of atonal, very death-inspired riffs that take over some of the songs. I’m not complaining, as everything is tight as hell and the production sounds huge. Massgrave have a lot more punk overtones and sound more like straight forward, old school grind. Their side of the split is also well produced; everything is leveled out well. Both bands hold their own and this is a fantastic grind record, I just wish there was any sort of information or liner notes to accompany this thing.

 –Ian Wise (To Live A Lie,