Jan 23, 2008

This is the second band I’ve reviewed for this issue that has reminded me of the relatively little-known Haram. There are four tracks from this Cincinnati band that, like Haram, remind me of Drive Like Jehu meets Sonic Youth, with maybe some Mission Of Burma thrown in for good measure. Although it’s tried to mask itself as having five songs, the last track is just noise and is a throwaway. Of what’s left, it’s not by any means horrible. It’s intense, attacking rock and roll, reminiscent of what I might imagine DLJ would’ve sounded like if they had kept a harder edge instead of mellowing out a bit with Hot Snakes. There’s some dynamic here, but the mood is pretty straight forward. Rock, rock, and more rock. It is what it is: a few songs that don’t do much for me but are by no means horrible.

 –kurt (Phratry)