Jan 11, 2013

Long-running Virginia band The Catalyst infuse the full-throttle grooves of stoner metal with metalcore’s element of surprise. They avoid each genre’s pitfalls—monotony, technically impressive but unfocused songs—and come out with an album that blasts forward like a comet. Suggested for fans of High On Fire and Coalesce. I will now name the dances that I did while playing this record, to give you an idea of the bearded space voyage that I went on in front of my stereo: The Funky Dracula, The Chopper Revver, The Bass Machine Gun, The Wiping Condensation off the Window of a Space Vessel. Might I also add that “Voyager” is a treat to look at. There is a molten fire hawk on the cover, a burning planet inside the gatefold, and the record itself is an orange and yellow vinyl supernova. Oh yeah, and they named a song after the high school I graduated from.

 –CT Terry (Forcefield)