CATALYST, THE: Swallow Your Teeth: 12”

Mar 04, 2010

The Catalyst is the most exciting band in punk right now. I was completely blown away by the Mariana’s Trench 12” they put out, and this record is even better. It’s a definite progression, but they retain the same dirty aesthetic they’ve shown in the past. The heavy parts still remind me of the Melvins, and while there are nods to other influences that round out the album, the band has developed a sound all their own. “SmallTown, Big Mouth” bleeds Scandinavian crust in the vein of End Of All while its follow-up track, “Werewolves of Washington,” slows down to a near stop to allow the huge guitar riffs to soar over the rest of the music. The greatest thing is that in refining their sound, the band is even more capable of writing great songs that work on their own while building on each other in the context of an album. This is a completely calculated, thought-out record that grips you like The Refused’s Shape of Punk to Come or Circle Takes The Square’s As the Roots Undo. This album is tomorrow’s absolute classic. –Ian Wise

 –guest (Perpetual Motion Machine)