CATALYST, THE: Marianas Trench + 9: CD

Sep 28, 2008

Following in a long line of similar bands from their home state of Virginia, The Catalyst play epic, screaming hardcore. The thing that sets them apart from the pack is the murky, manly AmRep rock element that they add to their basement-core. It anchors the better songs on this CD, which is a collection of out-of-print EPs and splits. The weaker songs are kinda herky-jerky and unfocused, almost as if they were trying to see their instruments through a cloud of smoke, if you know what I mean. I don’t know what your weekend’s looking like, but I suggest you turn offJerry Maguire, get off the couch, and give this a listen, especially if most of your friends wear tight black T-shirts and never shave. 

 –CT Terry (