CAT PARTY: Tar & Feathers: LP

Sep 23, 2009

Not the usual stuff from Flat Black. Cat Party have a definite early-to-mid-’80s U.K. post-punk sound. Sort of like early U2 (they used to be good!) mixed with a band like Chameleons UK. The music is cold and dark, yet driving. There’s a detachment in the vocals, and a sense of despair. What hooks me in with this is the guitar and bass. The bass is solid and pushes the songs forward, while the guitar creates the mood. “Dead Weight” is perhaps one of the mellower songs on this album, but maybe the best cut in an album with no filler tracks. The guitar is syrupy and lush, the vocals are haunting, and the bass and drums direct the experience without being overbearing. These guys pull the sound off quite well. Listening to this gives me the same charged feeling I experienced when I first heard bands like the Cure, Felt, even U2 some twenty-seven or more years ago. It sounds fresh and alive.

 –M.Avrg (Flat Black,

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