CAT PARTY: Self-titled: LP

Dec 28, 2009

The first thing that I heard from Cat Party was their “Jigsaw Thoughts” single, which is backed with “Entitled.” The tunes on there were both pretty damn good post-punk, leaning more towards the minimalistic, goth side of post-punk (Joy Division/early Bauhaus) as opposed to the noisy, chaotic side (Fall/DNA). Both of those songs made it on to this LP, which sees Cat Party fine tuning just a bit. I find it amazing how this three-piece is able to put together an LP of bleak yet rather hypnotic and atmospheric songs. Listening to this is, at times, like going into a commuter coma on a scenic drive: I plan on going out to take in the beauty, but it seems so obvious that I sink into it and just forget what I am doing; then I look up and notice that my surroundings are truly superlative. If you’re going to brood, brood to this.

 –Vincent (Flat Black)