CAT PARTY: Heartache over Headache: EP

Sep 02, 2010

This is a slight progression on their LP from a year or so ago. Heavily influenced by mid-’80s U.K. post punk, somewhere between The Southern Death Cult and The Wake. There’s a very cold and gray feel to their sound. I listen to this and think of standing on a foggy beach with the wind cutting through me. Instead of being irritated or uncomfortable, I feel enlivened and compelled to believe just about anything is possible. Much the same way I do when I listen to this record (and their LP as well). There’s an awareness of the past, and a forlorn feel, but there’s a sense of a brighter future for the taking. I like that the bass is very prominent, as it should be for this style. It provides the warmth. The guitar has a soaring feel at times, as everything moves forward at a good pace. When the vocals stop in “The Digital Age” and the guitar takes over at the end, it is so good that it requires repeated listens. It changes the mood from pensive to liberated, as suggested in the lyrics. The title track seems to be a song of regret, and the feeling comes across well. The music is more about communicating emotions and thought instead of bashing you over the head or being a soundtrack for a party. The sort of record you listen to alone in your room with the door closed.

 –M.Avrg (Flat Black, [email protected])