CASVERDE: Looking God in the Eye: CD

Aug 12, 2006

A one-man band, he does everything including the songwriting. Maybe it would have been vetted by someone else there with a crap detector on. Producer DJ Ice Cream Spooky Cup must have been too busy flagging down the Good Humor truck. Generic, uninspired pop with no crackle, no snap. “If You Know Me You’ll Know” sounds like warmed over Matthew Sweet. “Talisman” is a song about not getting any action—maybe from playing to much D&D? You should be looking for warning signs when two song titles are borrowed from other artists (Morrissey and The Spencer Davis Group). Also, I would like to nominate the record company for most uninformative record company website of 2005. If you want good power pop from a one man band, check out Rich Creamy Paint’s debut, but stay away from this record like the bubonic plague.

 –koepenick (Radioactive Bodega)

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