CASUALTIES, THE: On The Front Line: CD

Jan 28, 2009

Members of The Casualties, we need to talk about your flair. We want you to express yourself. Now you know that it is up to you whether you want to just wear the bare minimum of buttons, patches, colored hair, mohawks, liberty spikes, chains, spiked studs and leather or not. Now if you feel that the bare minimum is enough, then, OK, but some bands choose to wear more. We encourage that. People can listen to music anywhere, they listen to punk for the atmosphere and the attitude. That’s what flair’s about. It’s about fun. You want to express yourself, don’t you?  OK, great. That is all I ask.  And for those of you paying attention, if you have heard one Casualties album, you have heard them all.

 –toby (Side One Dummy)