CASUALTIES: En la Linea del Frente: CD

Jul 02, 2006

Why this sad sack of a group manages to survive, let alone enjoy any modicum of popularity, is bound to be the subject of much future scientific research. I mean, c’mon kids, they are SUCH a piss poor joke, more the embodiment of every lame punk stereotype the media has invented thus far than an actual noteworthy band. Nothing, NOTHING about them is remotely creative, original, or interesting. Their music is a hackneyed, Nth-generation Xerox copy of what some middle-aged TV exec thinks punk looks and sounds like and, ultimately, they are about as much a symbol of rebellion against the status quo as Avril Lavigne or Backstreet Boys. They are the purveyors of zero style, zippo substance and, not being satisfied with making a mockery of the English language, they have decided to profane Spanish with their insipid attempts at songwriting. You’d get more from staring at television static than you would listening to this.

 –jimmy (Sideonedummy)