CASTRO: The River Need: CD

I honestly do not know what to make of this. It starts off with a speedy punk rock blast that I peg as Gits-ish, then gets into a ‘00s spacey rocker, followed by a ‘90s alternative rock radio type tune, gets truly weird with a big-chorus glam rock oddity, and then into a straight-up Soundgarden-type riff. This band clearly has good players and a talented, dynamic singer, but they just don’t have an identity. That’s not to say a band shouldn’t experiment and have a wide range of influences, but they need to come together into a cohesive sound for a band and album to work. The most compelling song, placed near the end of the record—the title track—is one evoking a Dag Nasty/Embrace sort of feeling, a song where just about everything clicks to create a song worth repeat listens. 

 –Chad Williams (Boss Tuneage,, / Kong Tiki,, [email protected])