CASTRO: Hidden Agenda: 7”

If Razorcake reviews had headlines, this one would be “Aging Norwegian Punks Form Band and Release Outstanding Debut 7”.” In lieu of such a sea change taking place in this publication, let me give you the facts. In terms of personnel, Castro includes members of Life… But How To Live It?, Angor Wat, and Israelvis. All three of the songs owe a huge debt to the vocals of Katja Osvold whose voice possesses a quivering, yet formidable, quality that I find hugely appealing and which makes this record for me with its dynamic delivery. Musically, it’s a fusion of punk and rock in equal parts, much like Osvold’s previous band, Life… But How To Live It?, was able to do so well, with guitars adding a handful of memorable leads to provide some extra flesh to the bones of the songs. All three tracks are superb, but in “Glass House” Castro has written a track which broods, bites, and explodes over a four-minute period, having me reach to return the stylus to the opening groove as soon as the last note has faded away.

 –Rich Cocksedge (Kong Tiki, Boss Tuneage,