CASTET: Punk Side of the Moon: LP

Nov 07, 2008

Polish hardcore record in a gatefold LP, with each side coming from a recording session a few years apart. It’s passable, yet still pretty goddamn mired in mediocrity—you’ve heard these breakdowns and gang choruses, despite the language differences and somewhat ragged translations, a million times before. One gatefold cover features the band’s name carved into a dude’s chest with a straight razor, while the other side features an illustration of the band drinking vodka with every nerd-ass pop culture icon of the past twenty years (Darth Maul, a Teletubby, Hellboy, Alf, etc.) aboard a spaceship. Unfortunately, these dudes never really come close to reaching the menace or hilarity that those covers would suggest.

 –keith (Pasazer)

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