CASTET: Live in Lewacka Nora: LP

May 20, 2014

This 12” is a live document by Polish hardcore punks Castet, which was appropriately recorded in the punkest of all places: a squat in their native Poland. Live recordings are typically not my fair—especially as an introduction to an otherwise unfamiliar band—but the soundboard quality has definitely me sold on this one. Castet’s straight forward hardcore punk attack owes quite a bit to Boston’s Out Cold and Sweden’s Totalitär, but considering that both acts are considered legendary I’m sure Castet would consider this comparison a compliment. This record happens to play inside out, so don’t drop the needle on the outer edge or else you’ll miss the non-stop hardcore onslaught and be stuck in locked groove purgatory for all eternity… or until the belt drive on your turntable gives way. 

 –Juan Espinosa (Pasazer,