CASSILIS: Quitting: LP

“Bloom Brigade” and “Softie” come halfway through Quitting and catch Cassilis’s skill for blending the all-instrument-as-percussion of hardcore with surprising melodies, like the latter song’s ostinado, just a nice angry couple of notes on repeat from fifteen seconds in and onward—it carries along, then second twenty-two hits and the whole band locks into that riff and doesn’t let go. We need more adjectives that combine the sensation of beauty and trouble. On the sleeve of the LP, a picture of a toilet filling with piss, framed by sparkling water, framed by outer space: all those pretty sharp edges, and in the center, splish splash urine bash in the punk house bathroom. Is everything a metaphor? It can be. If Cassilis’s 2011 album, My Colors, was rough edged and powerful stone then Quitting is ruthless, muscular, and sharper than the older work; quicker angles and better everything this time around. 

 –Jim Joyce (Zegema Beach, / Square Of Opposition, / The Ghost Is Clear, / Black Lake,