CASPIAN: Tertia: 2 x LP

Sep 07, 2010

It’s interesting how music affects your state of mind. It’s like drugs or alcohol. If you’re willing to give yourself over to music, some interesting things occur. Caspian play instrumental music very similar to God Speed You Black Emperor. It’s as quiet as it is loud. At times the songs are driving and soaring with the guitars going full blast, then other things get introspective and pensive. There’s an innocence here as well. Though it’s not pure. There’s a forlorn tone, and yet through it all there’s a feeling of hope and closure. I have sat and listened to this record, really listened to this record, for a few nights. These songs take over and haunt my thoughts. Everything on this album is connected. There is no random assortment. You’re taken from the beginning of “Mie” all the way through to the final “Sycamore” which ends with only the drums and a sense of things opening up at the end. Listen to this one in the dark.

 –M.Avrg (The Mylene Sheath,