CASIONAUTS: !Bailamos Murimos Juntos!: CD

Jun 27, 2007

Comparisons to the Faint are gonna be inevitable. They’ve got to know that. Maybe if that band and the Washdown hooked up at a swingers party, their illicit spawn-bag of corpulence and blood vessels would’ve been the Casionauts. Bouncy, angular-yet-admittedly-catchy keyboard rock that fans of labels such as Sound Virus would probably shit their tight pants over. I’d imagine these dudes have a pretty stunning white belt collection and that perfectly coifed bedhead is, like, mandatory for all members at all times, even when they’re buying groceries. They’re decent at what they’re doing, but enjoying this EP is definitely a dark and guilty pleasure, the same way that whacking it on the bathroom floor of an Elks Lodge at 4 AM is.

 –keith (Omega Point)