CARSICK CARS: Self-titled: CD: CD

Sep 16, 2011

Whoa! Another sign that the American Empire is ending! An indie rock band from Beijing, China! Soon, the world will have no need for Sonic Youth and Pavement! Inconsequential geopolitical shifts aside, this band does sound a lot like the aforementioned Sonic Youth, at least to this lowly reviewer who has about twelve indie records to compare this to (and about eight of those are Sonic Youth records). Apparently, Carsick Cars are already super popular around the world, and despite the departure of two of the band’s three members, continues to play shows and release records. And they’re really quite good, Thurston Moore-ish vocals, very Daydream Nation, and clearly performed by a band with considerable musical skill of the experimental variety. Question for the astute Razorcake reader: Could China be the next Japan? How soon until Chinese pop punk bands are releasing splits with the Marked Men? –

 –maddy (Tenzenmen)