CARRION: Beggar b/w Witness Your Birth: 7"

Jul 26, 2009

I see the name “Carrion” and the bleak cover art and immediately I’m thinking “old school metal,” then I read the enclosed blurb where someone says they sound like a cross of Black Flag and King Crimson and I begin to think, “sounds great, if they can pull it off.” Well, multiple time changes and extended guitar solos don’t merit that level of praise any more than demonstrating a thorough knowledge of how to use a toilet made me the mayor of Clackamas, Oregon, but there is some good heaviness going on here; heaviness I’d place in the neighborhood of Neurosis (in the weatherbeaten, scruffy-lawned house at the bottom of the hill) and I’ll bet Carrion do their real shaking live. In fact, when they come to Clackamas they can play in the cafeteria here at City Hall. I think we’re having meatloaf that day.

 –doug (McCarthyism)