CARNIVORES: If I’m Ancient: CD-R

Nov 02, 2010

This Atlanta band trades in pretty all right retro-psychedelic-garage punk in the Black Lips, King Khan vein. There are also a few excursions into the reverb-drenched tropicalia that early Abe Vigoda specialized in on songs like “Parent’s Attic” and “’Cause She Never Stops.” As a whole, this is a decent enough album, and I’m sure I would enjoy these guys live, but my real disappointment is that the first track is so awesome. “Feral Children” is this absolutely glorious wash of noise that sounds like the Seeds as interpreted by Sonic Youth after doing large amounts of speed. The band comes close on a few songs, but never equals the sheer manic gnarly of that first song. That said, this is still a pretty solid release that I can get behind for a garage fix.

 –Adrian (Double Phantom, [email protected])