Mar 07, 2013

Dear Pete Repellent: I love you buddy, but I know I say that to everybody when I’m drunk so it’s okay if you don’t believe me. Anyway, I got this record in from Razorcake and I think you would dig it. Imagine a Mutant Pop band with someone that occasionally plays supercharged Thin Lizzy riffs. It’s more bar rock than Banner Pilot and more punk than the Wanderers, but fuck it all if isn’t really good. This is the punk record your stupid friends put out that makes you go, “Oh shit, maybe these guys aren’t total idiots,” but then they put it in a sleeve that’s a picture of a wolf wearing glasses, wielding a sword, and riding on a griffin, and you say, “Oh shit, yeah they are.” Also I’m moving out to live with my girlfriend and I’m sorry but I still love you, okay? –Ian Wise

 –Ian Wise (Self-released, [email protected])