Jan 31, 2008

Career Suicide have a savant-like intuition around classic hardcore. They know which buttons to push to keep it flying and running smoothly without resorting to auto pilot and solely flying over well-covered ground. It’s manic, gnashing, vital, exciting stuff that I can say, without reservation, stands shoulder to shoulder with not only DS-13 and Fucked Up, but Minor Threat and Negative Approach. If you like your hardcore with teeth and smarts, look no further. Jackhammers of songs. Jed Whitey, an Australian band who have a ton in common with the Supersuckers’ most straight forward, driving songs, crunch out six songs of non-suck punk rock’n’roll on par with “Born with a Tail.” Toss in some Lazy Cowgirls for good measure. On the cover, if you just see the two names, it’s kind of an enigma. “How does this work?” In the end, it just shows that punk’s a much bigger tribe than many of the uptight scene police would like to admit. Bitchin’ split.

 –todd (Deranged)