CAREER SUICIDE: Anthology Vol. Two and Self-titled: CD and LP

Sep 05, 2006

What can you say? If Career Suicide came out in 1980, they’d be playing sold-out shows to kids across the world, I’d currently be mildly annoyed that kids who’d never gotten a chance to see them were wearing their shirts (but hadn’t bought their records), and they would have forever etched themselves into the memory-challenged history of hardcore. But it’s not so. Toronto’s Career Suicide have got that early, snot-virulent ‘80s spirit and approach but realize it’s the 2000s, so what we’re experiencing isn’t a photocopy of some shitty Polaroid of what some geeze half-remembers as a golden time, but an ebola-ing of a pure strain of hardcore that, until five or six years back, was getting seriously inoculated (word- and idea-wise) by shitty metal and powerviolence. Thank Career Suicide for putting ants back in the bloodstream of anxious music. Thank Career Suicide for getting it right. The CD’s a collection of hard-to-track, scattered vinyl and the LP’s a repress from 2002, available once again. Well worth your time.

 –todd (Deranged)

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