CAREER SUICIDE: Anthology of Releases: 2001-2003: CD

Jul 09, 2007

For your approval, a forty-four song Exhibit A in the Refutation That All Good Hardcore Ended Pre-1989. This one little, shiny almost-sixty minute blast furnace of hardcore glory makes Steve Blush, author of American Hardcore, even more of a dope, revisionist, and liar. In blind listening tests, these Torontonians stand on the shoulder of giants—along with Amdi Petersen’s Armé, Black Flag, DS-13, Negative Approach, and Minor Threat. A good chunk of their recorded output is here: demo cassettes, 7”s, and LP, with a handy little timeline that threads the booklet together. Irrepressible energy, melodies that seem to be played on the tips of discharged bullets, jaws-of-life power that keeps them away from being consumed in wreckage of rear-ending their idols as they speed on by, and hit after hit of uncompromising, blood- and fist-pumping music. To be sure, Career Suicide is one of the top ten no-modifier-needed hardcore bands on the planet right now. Wow.


 –todd (Deranged / Kangaroo)