CAREER SUICDE: Cherry Beach E.P.: 7”

Sep 16, 2011

Don’t sweat me on the date, but there was a time that a discussion centered on “Career Suicide or Fucked Up?” I do remember that at this time, they shared more similarities than differences. Akin to discussing the differences between early Circle Jerks versus early Black Flag. The great news is that Career Suicide—years later—isn’t playing theversion of the Circle Jerks that had Debbie Gibson backup vocals (probably funny at the time?), but that awesome middle ground that takes the seismic spasticness of the Circle Jerks and makes it... more epic. Epic as fuck. This 7” sounds much larger. I swear it grows into a 12” when it spins. Punk played right. Snot, tangled up in barbed wire, with a microdot of honey to make the medicine go down easy. Looking back as a template to jump into the future of today. –Todd (Dirtnap)

 –todd (Dirtnap)