CARDINAL SIN, THE: Hurry Up and Wait: CD

Jul 07, 2006

It makes no difference how many “punk” bands end up with their own prime time specials, and make quintuple platinum records, I’ll still get weird looks from people for wearing a Toys That Kill t-shirt, or have people tell me “The Ergs? No one knows who they are.” That’s sort of what I like about The Cardinal Sin; this is poppy enough that your average random person won’t just write this off. However, there’s also some indie/post punk overtones, and compared to most of those garbage bands that worry about “making it,” this band actually focuses on coming up with good songs. Here I could probably play this in front of both my Mom (and she wouldn’t HATE it) and my friends (who would probably enjoy it). I like this.

 –joe (Grey Flight)

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