CARBONAS, THE: Blackout Waiting to Happen: 7”EP

Jul 22, 2008

A re-issue of the 2004 debut, and if you missed it (as I did), what a great introduction to the band. At times, reminiscent of The Feelers, where the lines between garage (the sound) and hardcore (the energy) are blurred and the best of both are balled up in a jagged, crackling, stupendous firecracker. (Think Oblivians meet Negative Approach meets something that blows up in a chunky splatter.) At other times, reminiscent of The Reatards: chaotic snot with a clandestine pop sensibility. I also just got their latest LP on Goner, and that’s making me think that seeking out their entire catalog would be far from a waste of time. Addictive.

 –todd (Douchemaster)